An audience with strong market power: our members are decision makers in their organizations - a must that you would want to reach when surveying B2B decision makers.

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FlyingPost is a one Stop Shop Marketing Agency, focusing on Market Research, Database Reports and Email and Mobile Marketing for the B2B sector, with over 10 years of experience.
We help our customers to understand their markets and identify the best strategies to increase their sales. Our highly targeted business panels provide insights that business leaders need, to beat their competitors.   Our leadership and expertise in these fields is proven by results for our customers within the past ten years.

Market Research & Sampling

Online Surveys - Focus Groups – Phone to Web Surveys

Our key focus is to facilitate fieldwork and fulfill research projects around the world. In the last decade, we’ve successfully helped marketers to complete their most demanding mainly business and consumer surveys. We have the capability of different sampling methodologies such as Online, , Focus Groups and F2F in order to target different audience but also focus on costs and timing to meet every marketers budget and timeline.

B2B Email Marketing :

Our  opted  email lists of Business Decision Makers and Worldwide Elite members are the audience with strong influence or decision making on purchase of products and services for their organizations. Should you need to communicate to the right person   at the right time,  FlyingPost  is the place to start!

Leads Generation

Our lead generation services can reach a responsive audience, waiting to join your panels and to expand your scope of business.  Let us know what target group you are looking for and we will get it for you, worldwide, whether it would be B2B or general population targeting. 

Mobile marketing :

Our Mobile Marketing platform helps advertisers and agencies deliver targeted mobile advertising campaigns to an engaged audience – Smartphone users.

It is the most suitable way to

• drive band awareness,
• generate traffic and leads
• deploy surveys