About Us

FlyingPost is a one Stop Shop Marketing Agency, focusing in Market Research and Email marketing for the B2B sector with over 10 years of experience. In business since 2000, we help Marketers and Market Research companies from around the world to sample their studies, would this be online or off-line. We strictly protect confidential information trusted to us by our clients and have successfully helped many Fortune 500 companies to fulfill their researches.

FlyingPost is the best place for your next B2B campaign, whether that’s a Surveys or an Email Campaign. Our leadership and expertise in these fields is proven by results for our customers within the past ten years.

We help our clients to achieve superior results by providing access to our rich Business community of double opt-in members. Whether you want to survey or communicate your product and services with affluent consumers, IT and Software professionals, to survey Business Decision Makers or to get in touch with the Worldwide Elite, our members is the right target for you.