IT Professionals

Total Universe 358,218


Our IT Professionals are influential opinion leaders for all IT decisions within their organization. They actively participate in all IT decisions and take part in IT Purchases, including of course hardware, software and also IT training/education and exhibitions and conferences.

They are very responsive and like to reply to surveys about IT equipment. Ideal to test or to promote new software and hardware. Our IT professionals are important IT decision makers who have high levels of international responsibility and impressive spending power and influence.

  • 94% male. Average age: 35-44
  • 48% senior managers/directors
  • 100% total management contacts
  • 100% IT decision makers
  • 100% of contacts have involvement in IT decisions
  • 94% college/university graduates


  • Telco 19%
  • Banking/Finance 18%
  • Business Services 15%
  • Manufacturing 16%
  • Retail 6%
  • Education 5%
  • Health/Hospitals 5%
  • Primary/ Utility 5%
  • Other 11%


  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect and Database Administrator
  • Vice President / Chief Executive Officer
  • Programmer / software engineer
  • Project lead / team leader
  • Product Manager
  • Systems analyst
  • Software architect
  • Departmental Development manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer or Director
  • Line of Business Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Quality Assurance Manager

Suitable Users
Recommended for any campaign where reaching IT decision makers and influencers is crucial to the success of the campaign. Although all our members are English speaking, we prefer to mail to them in their own language

Can be contacted both online and offline.

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