Mobile Marketing

  • Technology is changing at an incredible speed and so is the relation between brand and consumer. Half of all cell phone users own a smartphone and 87% of them access their email and surf on the web using their phone (Pew Research). Younger generation (under 30) uses mostly smartphone to go online, preferably to desktop or laptop computers. Tech savvy consumers, software developers, apps developers and business travelers access their email mostly on their smartphone.
  • Latest findings also show that the response rate and CTR are far higher on smartphones - compared to desktop computers. Furthermore, mobile surveys or mobile ads allows advertisers to reach their target “in context” – where they go - and not out of the context as with online surveys, and online ads. Mobile is personal in intent driven.

Advertisers, Researchers

Our Mobile Marketing platform helps advertisers and agencies deliver targeted mobile advertising campaigns to an engaged audience – smartphone owners.

It is the most suitable way to

  • drive brand awareness,
  • generate traffic and leads
  • deploy surveys,   

Technology: We successfully deploy ads and surveys to mobile owners across multiple platforms: Apple iOs (iPhone, iPad), Android, RIM (Blackberry), WebOs (HP). 

From Web to Mobile convergence adaptability: our Flux XML gateway enables instant publication of Web content onto mobile phones, without any further transcription.

Targeting:  Our cross mobile platform enables sophisticated targeting with multiple options, including:

  • Geo and demographic targeting,
  • Lifestyle targeting,
  • Targeting at the handset level (device and OS targeting),
  • Carrier (Telco) targeting,
  • Behavior
  • Real time location targeting

Network: we work with our own database and rely also on premium publishers around the world, to maximize your ROI.

Design & creative: our portfolio of best mobile infographic developers can help you to get the creative that really “talks” to mobile owners and is most likely to engage them into action.

Formats: We comply with regulations and guidelines that apply to Mobile Marketing industry.

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